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Our Translation Studio was set-up in 1987 with the intention of offering the most comprehensive range of language services to companies operating on worldwide markets.

Outstanding success obtained over the years has lead to the constant development of our organisation, both in terms of computerised technologies and business management.

Link-up Centro Traduzioni was also one of the first partners to contribute in the foundation of the National Translation and Interpreter Association Unilingue and member of the European Union of Association of Translation Companies (EUATC).

Our statistics

27 years of experience
70 highly qualified professional translators, each specialised in specific fields.
41 business languages:

Italian - French - German - Spanish - Portuguese - Dutch - Swedish - Danish - Finnish - Norwegian - Icelandic - Russian - Czech - Slovak - Polish - Hungarian - Greek - Serbian - Croat - Bosnian - Rumanian - Slovene - Albanian - Arab - Hebrew - Turkic - Chinese - Japanese - Korean - Ukrainian - Moldavian - Bulgar - Belorussian - Esthonian - Latvian - Lithuanian - Hindi - Farsi - Urdu

Our clients

Companies of all business sectors
Public and Private Organisations
Economic agencies
Technical studios
Private individuals

Our Translation Studio collaborates with over 70 professional translators and interpreters, who are selected based on their field of specialisation and who work exclusively in their native language. We are therefore capable of ensuring accurately interpreted and exemplary translations, as every single job is crosschecked prior to consignment.

We aim at collaborating closely with our clients, plus we continuously up-date our computerised equipment and are therefore capable of satisfying our clients'increasingly complex demands with utmost quality, skill and punctuality.


Translations to and from all languages
Commercial mail and documents
Technical texts: Use and Maintenance Manuals, Catalogues, Price lists etc.
Legal texts: Contracts, Patents, Mandates, Balance Sheets and Statutes
Advertisement texts
Medical and Scientific texts
Official documents, sworn on oath and/or authenticated
3-way conferencing abroad
Interpreter Services
Interpreters for technical, commercial and legal business negotiations
Interpreters and hostesses for trade fairs and exhibitions
Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting, Chuchotage for congresses, conferences and meetings Telephonic linguistic consultancy service
Commentators/Voice-overs with native tongue professionals

If you're interested in our services why not contact us and apply for a commitment-free quote.

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